It IS easy being Green.

It is altogether too easy to fill the atmosphere with flourishing catch phrases and clever buzzwords illustrating knowledge and experience in Sustainability and the art of Green Building. What is not easy, is filtering through the endless stream of new and inventive ways being developed each day to cash-in on this important movement in our profession’s history. Happily, PDC has over Forty Years of experience in designing, analyzing, testing, and delivering engineered systems whose functions are the application of clean air, quality light, efficient energy, and safe water to the environments we share the responsibility of creating. We are practiced at knowing the minimum standard of care, and expert at spotting embellishment.

We are accredited professionals in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and for the entirety of our company’s existence have been practicing efficiency and conservation in our designs. We are committed to providing the most appropriate and resource efficient mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems possible. As responsible engineers, we continue to educate ourselves in the latest effective sustainable technologies.

In short, PDC has always been, and always will be, Green.