PDC has a wide variety of experience working for some of the most well known companies in the world.  Our experience working for clients in the corporate world spans for providing clean room facilities for manufacturing and full building renovations down to small fit-ups of conference rooms to meet company standards.  They services we provide with the help of the architects and interior designers we work with will be comparable to any other firm you can compare us to.  
Projects include electrical component labs, clean rooms, manufacturing and large equipment connections, generator and data center projects and office environments both open and enclosed.
Lenovo - Think Place Campus
 Lenovo -  Development Drive
NC Mutual Life - Legacy Tower
General Dynamics – Multiple Buildings
BASF - HVAC Upgrades -Durham, North Carolina
Polyzen Expansion Clean Rooms & Office Space
Bordeaux Office Building – Raleigh
C & F Foods – Raleigh, North Carolina
Microsoft Quantum – Raleigh, North Carolina
Wake Forest Plaza Office Building – Raleigh, North Carolina
Brady-Broyhill Office Building – Raleigh, North Carolina
High Technology Building – Raleigh, North Carolina
Campus North at Spring Forest – Raleigh, North Carolina
Water’s Edge Office Facilities – Raleigh, North Carolina
National Cash Register Offices – Raleigh, North Carolina
North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation – Raleigh, North Carolina

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