PDC’s plumbing engineers & designers have designed piping systems for various types of facilities including medical, education, hospitality, mixed use, and commercial buildings. Whether your project is new construction or updating/replacing an aging system, our qualified plumbing engineers will work to provide a system design which integrates sustainable design with high performing systems in order to create a safe and clean environment.

At PDC we believe in positive, open communication between all parties. Only through open communication and understanding your needs and goals can our projects be successful. A balance between cost, efficiency, and performance are a prerequisite to a successful plumbing engineering project.
Sanitary waste piping
Medical gas piping
Kitchen waste piping
Laboratory waste piping
Gas piping
Water distribution piping
Vent piping
Storm drainage piping
Rainwater harvesting
Beverage system piping
Oil reclamation & disposal piping
Solar water heating
Water heaters, boilers, instantaneous and storage systems
Grease and oil interceptor
Medical gas pumps and compressors (Air, oxygen, vacuum, etc.)
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